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Strategy Development and Grant-Writing

Evan has a long professional track record of assisting his communities in the planning and procurement of grant dollars regarding critical infrastructure.  Through an initial free consultation, Scurti Consulting will explain how the firm will tell your economic development story to various grantors through its proven method.  We all know that infrastructure funds have become extremely strained at the federal and state levels.  This has resulted in the need to compete harder than ever to bring these funds to your project.  A variety of programs still exist, but the nexus between your infrastructure project and the retention/creation of high-wage jobs as well as the potential for more business investment must be clearly explained to the grantor.  This has been a focus of Evan’s career, as he has helped small communities upgrade their infrastructure platforms for robust growth.  Let us bring this perspective to your team.  Services can include infrastructure strategy development in partnership with our engineering and financial advisory partners to full-scale grant-writing and preparation of monitoring reports during grant performance periods.

Local Economic Development Fundraising

While serving in Ashland and Jefferson Counties (Ohio), Evan oversaw unique public-private funding strategies to support the local economic development organizations’ (EDO) general funds.  Allow Evan to share his insights and help you craft a simple, straightforward annual campaign to strengthen your economic development team.  Business leaders in American communities are eager to support economic development through unrestricted annual gifts.  Our experience has proven that once the EDO’s general structure, mission, and annual work plan is communicated, a healthy balance of private funds can find their way toward your budget.  Contact us to help you create this effective framework. 

Tax Incentive Representation and Management for Small Communities

Many small communities have the location or unique river, rail, or highway infrastructure to attract large employers.  What is often lacking is staff capacity to negotiate complex tax incentive deals (often involving explaining the details to newly elected officials) or manage the incentive program on an annual basis.  Evan has focused throughout his career on guiding his communities toward fair, effective tax abatement structures, while focusing on compliance with all state and federal reporting processes.  Let us structure an arrangement to handle your tax incentive needs in a cost-effective manner.  Scurti Consulting takes pride in handling the details of 21st century tax incentive processes alongside municipal and county leaders as they engage in many other leadership tasks to facilitate large-scale job creation. 

Corporate Site Location Analysis

As a corporate leader considering location options for your relocation or satellite facility, you know you have a myriad of options with varying benefits in terms of market access, public infrastructure, workforce cost and availability, and tax incentives.  Scurti Consulting prides itself on detailed analysis resulting in work products that will clearly guide your corporate team to the community/region that most closely aligns with your supply chain, customer base, and long-term objectives.  Allow us to be your research team, with the end result being clear guidance, as opposed to an academic report, for your team and stakeholders.  Our process will always include on-the-ground confidential meetings and interviews, as directed by our client, with local government leaders to understand the local business climate and tax incentives availability.

Tax Incentives Procurement Consulting

The analysis and pursuit of state and local tax incentives is often a critical factor in the corporate site selection process.  If your team only needs assistance in managing this process, allow Scurti Consulting to put its significant tax incentives track record to work for your project.  The procurement of tax incentives is as much political, as it is financial.  Evan keenly understands the balance of securing incentives that will aggressively benefit a company’s bottom line, while also facilitating a lasting, quality relationship between the company and the community or state.  Clearly communicating a company’s growth plan and commitment to the new location are critical, and Evan has the background to help you put forward the proper message.

Scurti Consulting always follows a project-based or billable hours fee structure that is established at the beginning of all consulting assignments.  Commission-based incentives procurement is viewed as an unethical practice that will not be utilized by our firm.

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